Water Action Month started from IRSP Head Office


As the start of the March, #WaterActionMonth campaign has started and IRSP readies itself to join the campaign for Water and Sanitation for All. In first phase of the campaign, publication and motivational material was drafted under the guidance of designing team. The campaiggalleryn has started from the office and will spread to the district then to national level. We are hoping that this month will be a successful month for the campaign and especially for realization of water and sanitation situation in the region.

#Water & #sanitation are basic #humanrights. This is collectively agreed upon by world leaders since 2003. At the world summit in september 2000, an 8 point MDGs were Millenium Development Goal were set by world leaders. It was agreed upon by all leaders that by 2015 they will fully support the effort to reach the goals set. It is unfortunate that some of it's goal hasn't been met still. We urge the leaders to #keepyourpromises and work towards eradication of water and sanitation poverty.