About IRSP

IRSP is a multi sector development organization working on integrated development approach to bring a sustainable development in the region. IRSP was evolved from Pak-German IRDP and went through many phases of its development.

Before 1994, RDOs were continually working with Pak German IRDP Mardan for social mobilization and support of the VOs and WOs. These RDOs had close coordination with IRDP. During 1994-95, the RDOs realized the need for central coordination, managing and lobbying body of that could replace IRDP at phasing out in December 2000. The RDOs thus jointly decided to form a divisional level body to maintain the socio-economic development in the area in collaboration with Local Govt., external donors and other developmental organizations. Thus RCD was established to manage the RDOs at regional level.

The management of IRSP as an organization was formally structured to replace IRDP after its phasing out in December 2000. Since January 2001 it has been working with this structure under the governance of BoD of IRSP formed from RDOs.

IRSP Vision

Quality living Standards for All

IRSP’s Mission

IRSP endeavors to mobilize and build the capacity of local people, service providers and advocate for the rights and benefits of communities to contribute to the national and international developmental goals

Organization Structure

IRSP has a unique organizational structure in Pakistan. It has Village Organizations and Women Organizations at Grassroots level and RDO (Regional Development Organizations at Regional Level.

There is a representation from VOs and WOs in RDO. Each RDO nominates 2 members which make the BoD of IRSP.

BoD is the Governing Body of IRSP emerged from grassroots.

BoD has its Chairman who is elected for a term of 3 years.

The management structure of IRSP is like other developmental Organizations. It has a Senior Management Committee comprises of Chairman BoD, Executive Director, Senior Program Manager, Program Manager and Manager Admin & Finance. Senior Management Committee is the highest decision making body of IRSP Management.

Executive Director is responsible for overall management of the Organization, who is supported by 4 sectors of organization i.e. Program, Admin & Finance, Planning Monitoring and Evaluation and Human Resources Development.

Program is Head by Senior Program Manager; Admin & Finance is headed by Manager A&F while PMER and HRD are headed by Coordinators.

Each sector has its own hierarchical structure to effectively carry out its activities.