ED IRSP & National Convenor FANSA Syed Shah Nasir Khisro

ED IRSP & National Convenor FANSA Syed Shah Nasir Khisro

After 13 years of long tested and extensive experience in the field of social development sector with special focus on water, sanitation and hygiene services provision, IRSP greatly/significantly recognizes the scope and importance of WASH sector services delivery. As IRSP work experience meaningfully demonstrates and translates that the poor municipal services have bad health consequences on the life of poor and neglected communities living in the rural and remote areas of the country.

Behind every success a lot of collective efforts are needed to reach to a difficult destination. Looking back to the previous years makes me a more proud person to be a part of the development processes. The outreach activities, staff capacities with strong commitment and mostly importantly the donors trust have greatly encourage IRSP tremendous efforts towards the right direction. 

The hardships of emergencies have given birth to a new breed of experts. The youth has matured enough to sustain pressure during challenging situations and work-load and support the senior management in achieving the set targets. The strong team work, rich experience and quickly response systems/ mechanisms are the driving force in IRSP.  
Reflecting on the year of 2013, I am highly satisfied, proud and humbled with IRSP’s accomplishments. Our team, working shoulder by shoulder with the communities that we serve for, has overcome barriers and obstacles to achieve the targets set jointly with the funding agencies. 

We are continuously and meaningfully striving for enhanced improvements in the lives of the disadvantaged and most neglected communities by variety of interventions ranging from emergency response actions to infrastructure development and advocacy means. In collaboration with our partners, IRSP has been able to successfully implement integrated development projects with highest degree of satisfaction across the province, which empowers and supports poor and rural communities to be the authors and owners of their own development. It has been a privilege to see communities utilizing and building their strengths/ capacities to take greater control of their lives and self-initiatives for their own development.

Together with the extensive support of development partners and govt assistance, we will continue to make a difference to our communities, staff, volunteers, community leaders/ members, and self-motivated community agents. I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to the IRSP team for their commitment, motivation, and enthusiasm towards their work/ tasks assignments. They are the real owner and driving force of IRSP’s efforts to overcome challenges and effectively and efficiently implement our projects in difficult terrains and circumstances in a spirit that have concrete impact on ground. 

As we look forward to serve the disadvantaged and most neglected communities, it is because of the extended support and timely cooperation of our partner’s organization that makes IRSP’s work possible and result oriented.

Syed Shah Nasir Khisro
Executive Director


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