ED IRSP & National Convenor FANSA Syed Shah Nasir Khisro

ED IRSP & National Convenor FANSA Syed Shah Nasir Khisro

It is a proven fact that WATER is crucial for the human race and stands second to AIR for the survival of mankind of this PLANET. Nature has reserved sufficient water in a system known as “water cycle” and clearly revealed in the QURA’NIC injunctions. Similarly; many HADITs are available that purposefully guides the human beings for safer and intelligent use of water not only for themselves but also for other living organism including agriculture and other purposes.

Analyzing and reviewing IRSP’s fourteen years extensive experience in the field of WASH services provision and contributing in the sector reform initiatives; we have learnt that the WASH need is increasing day by day with uncontrolled and speedy population pressure. IRSP believes that WASH has become a global challenge and the world is increasingly supporting the developing and under developed countries since decades to reach the MDG’s goal set out for the sector by 2015, but still the world is far behind to reach its goal.in this scenario, if we look the situation in Pakistan; the sector is in the worst condition and the statistic shows that approximately, 40000 children die every year due to water borne and sanitation related diseases. Resultantly, the country is spending billions of rupees every year on diarrheal and other diseases caused by unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation. 

In general perception, in developing countries, the term WASH (Water,Sanitation,Hygiene) is only limited to water provision and even the safe drinking  water is given less attention, hence, half of the population of the country has still no access to safe drinking water.

The other sub sector i.e. Sanitation and hygiene is either totally ignored or partially considered only in urban cities while in rural areas zero investment/spending can be seen in these two sub-sectors.

Thus, the world need extensive support to the countries facing challenging situation in sub sector issues and at the same time these countries need to give priorities to the sector issues by formulating policies, sector assessment and allocating appropriate budget in ADP’s with equity services distribution.

Looking back to the previous year’s makes me a more proud person to be a part of the development processes ranging from sector reform initiatives, policy formulation, capacity building initiatives extended to govt officials, INGO’s, national NGO’s  and contributing in the international and national networks like, FANSA, FAFEN,END WATER POVERTY and many more.

Reflecting on the year of 2014, I am greatly satisfied and proud with highest performances of my strong team and professional management who have successfully accomplished all the set targets and projects in the remote areas of KPK including IDP’s of south and North Waziristan settled with local communities and structured camps set ups, south PUJAB and FATA. The team, working shoulder by shoulder with the communities and partner organizations and govt line departments to overcome barriers and obstacles to achieve the targets set jointly with the funding agencies. 

Here it is of highly importance that the services and efforts of IRSP have been recognized and appreciated by star impact award 2014 runner up category for WASH in Asia pacific region. The award has been granted to Mr. Shah Nasir Khisro  ED/IRSP by the former US president Mr. Bill Clinton in London on December 13, for improving access to wash services and education in the most remote regions of Pakistan. The award is 50000 USD which is going to be spending in the education sector in close collaboration with education department of KPK.

We are committed to continuously striving for enhanced improvements and betterment in the lives of the disadvantaged and most neglected communities of Pakistan by variety of interventions and program/project developments through establishing long term strategic partnership with reputable donor organizations and govt. 

Last but not the least, I strongly appreciate and recognize all the partner organization’s contribution and believe that without their support, IRSP would have not been able to serve for the cause of communities.

My greater attributes goes to all my colleagues, communities, govt and partners.

Syed Shah Nasir Khisro
Executive Director


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