ED IRSP & National Convenor FANSA Syed Shah Nasir Khisro

ED IRSP & National Convenor FANSA Syed Shah Nasir Khisro

IRSP believe that there has never been a better opportunity and time to create a safer future for the inhabitants of our country; in the context of safe drinking water provision, self-sustained sanitation environment , creating hygienic society, education without discrimination and with gender equity, livelihood support for self-employment, improved health services ensuring healthy society and working for good governance with state actors, political representatives, communities resulting in putting these stake holders in networking for ensuring transparency, accountability; access to equal services and opportunities.

For that our professionals and strong pool of experts closely working with local communities, Govt departments and other stakeholders to create an enabling environment and a world where every individual has access to safe drinking water, equal opportunities to education, enjoy clean, neat and healthy society and where water borne and sanitation related diseases become a story of the past.

IRSP brings together the knowledge, learning’s and experiences of our capacity building team to capacitate as many individuals as possible, communities, organizations both national and international, Govt line departments, CO’s and CBO’s in the field of water quality testing and monitoring, CLTS/SLTS, MHM, community mobilization, education and lively hood support initiatives to take measurable steps to build a better country where everyone enjoy a healthy and peaceful life.

IRSP is not merely a name of an organization, but it is a passion, a desire to growth and development, serve the communities in a more better way, exhibit its synergies for the growth and development of communities and country. Our success is the result of untiring hard work, dedication, zeal and enthusiasm, commitment and willingness of our team towards our shared goal and objectives.

Today, looking back, I am proud and happy to see and share that our organization has contributed a lot towards the national development, capacity building of many organizations and communities enabling them to identify their own development needs and combine their own resources with external support to address these needs. Our accomplishments during the current year and long term ongoing projects/ programs have been very rewarding for our organization. We strive to set good examples with our work and make a history of executing projects in a manner that have a long term impact on communities and partners.

We believe that the real success is not only to get business, partnerships but the quality and standards of service matters a lot and that is our core value.

I must thank all our partner organizations, professional colleagues and friends who have been with us all the way in this journey, their support, and guidance and advice have guided us to put ourselves in right direction and implement the joint programs/projects with the highest degree of satisfaction.

We do it well, we do it right and, we deliver good results.

Syed Shah Nasir Khisro
Executive Director


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