The community of village Khichi Kalan in UC Gadola, encompasses more than 600 households. There are small open drains for disposal of households waste water in all the streets which ultimately takes the shape of big nullah outfall. The wastewater was being used for irrigation purpose in the past by one of the habitants Mr. Barkat. Due to certain reason* Mr. Barkat decided not to use the wastewater for his fields and blocked the drain.

Resultantly at the tail end the drain spread over to more than two meter width, which was health hazard as well as causing inconvenience for the passerby. Gradually it further widened and started damaging the bitumen road and nearby houses.

Under PACE-PD project 18 Community Organization (COs) were established comprising of more than 450 households. The members of the COs sat together and discussed how to handle this situation. Finding no other way they decided to join hands together and resolve this issue. One of the members, Mr. Ghazanffar volunteered that the community can direct the drain to his fields.
The COs’ members appreciated Mr. Ghazanffar’s offer. One or two members from all the COs contributed by providing tractors, trolleys, manual labor for leveling the street and edging the drain. The members voluntarily worked for 3 days and build a protected drain and directed the wastewater to Mr. Ghazzanffar’s Fields