Globally, Social mobilization is regarded as the key instrument for change and poverty alleviation and community development through participation and inclusion under developed and third world countries. The past decade has witnessed many successful examples of community inclusion being used as a source of poverty alleviation in third world countries. In a developing country such as Pakistan, private sector through community mobilization have consistently been playing a vital role in reducing poverty and are faced with the added challenges of low literacy, less opportunities and rural dispersion of population- over half of which is female.


Ms Parveen bibi who is a mother of five suffering from expenses and overheads ranging from 10-15 thousand a month bravely fighting the odds. Being a member of village organization 5 Marla scheme living in village Jabowana union council Kot Murad. She was observed mentally disturb and distress in community meetings and was asked about the reasons. Mothers whose are very kind to their children and always struggling hard to support and escape them from every difficulty, She tells about her 24 years old young daughter Ms. Nasim Bibi who unfortunately lost her both of legs in a road accident.

Challenges: Since that tragedy her daughter seems hopeless, remains just a dead body, doing nothing, useless and always weeping, crying and thinks about ending of life soon as she believe herself as a burden and liability on her family.

Solution: This painful situation of her daughter was take in the notice of concern CO 5 Marla scheme Jabowana and after detail discussion it was identified that she remained almost free and watching her cutting legs. Numerous dialogue sessions were undertaken to facilitate and bring her out of tension and tragedy. From the dialogue sessions it was observed that she has the ability and interested in stitching/buckle and embroideries. Keeping the existing skills and abilities she was mobilized what is fated, must come to pass, it is useless to cry over spit milk. As long as there is a life there is a hope. Practice makes a man perfect, so seek and struggle you shall find a good day.

She realized all the ups and down and destiny in life. Skill enhancement plan between Ms. Yasmeen Mai (trainer) and Ms. Naseem (leaner) was agreed for one month starting from October 1, 2015. She    promised to be remained active in every family matters especially in skill course completion. She successfully completes the one month skill training and now she works for designing local homemade embroideries.

Benefits: life and tears were replaced by life and hope with excitement. The lady and her daughter is a glowing example of courage in distress. She with support of her youngster brother and sister makes local homemade embroideries and almost remains busy in arranging, purchasing, budgeting and designing of local business. She makes 2 to 3 homemade embroideries and earns an average of 100-150 rupees a day. Now She helps her 3 youngster brother and one sister in fulfilling their daily small scale needs and demands with great happiness and she is now a confident woman living a life of dignity and independence.