Adolescent girls are absent from school due to menstruation related abdominal cramps, headaches and fatigue, coupled with poor facilities and lack of counseling, contributing to 20% long absenteeism. At school, girls are faced with poor facilities, inadequate water for washing, lack of soap, no privacy and insufficient toilets. The proposed project will address the menstruation related issues of adolescent girls to minimize the physical & psychological challenges facing adolescent girls.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

One of the main reasons behind the issue is that menstruation is considered in many societies including Pakistan a hidden and secret issue even in many societies this is not openly discussed between mother and daughter. In schools there are no proper facilities for menstrual waste management; girls don't know how to dispose of waste properly especially in time of immediate need. This project addresses the needs of 1,000 adolescent girls related to menstrual hygiene management.

How will this project solve this problem?

This project will solve the following problems; 1. 1,000 girls will be sensitized on MHM and related physical and psychological issues 2. 1,000 girls will be trained on production of low cost sanitary napkins to be used during menstruation 3. 1,000 girls will have access to girls friendly toilets that provides dignity and privacy to adolescent girls during school times. 4. 1,000 copies of IEC material will be developed in local language and disseminated to address the issues of MHM

Potential Long Term Impact

This project will educate 1000 adolescent girls on menstrual hygiene management that includes the deep understanding of the menstruation cycle, issues related to menarche and psychical & psychological challenges of girls during menstruation. This will also enable these girls to produce low cost sanitary napkins as they cannot afford the available sanitary products in market. The construction of 15 girls friendly toilets will ensure access of 1,000 girls to safe and secure sanitation facilities

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Additional Documentation

This project has provided additional documentation in a XLSX file (projdoc.xlsx).