This research study was a great opportunity to IRSP to critically assess/ analyze the learning’s and outcomes of the CLTS approach being adopted and implemented in Pakistan. Since, IRSP is the leading agency by introducing/ pioneering the CLTS approach in Pakistan, and played a significant and vital role in the implementation of PATS programs through CLTS/SLTS approach across the country. This research study has added more value to the contributions of IRSP towards CLTS interventions.

IRSP has put meaningful efforts in conducting this research study. However, it would not have been possible without the extensive support and assistance of CESSD, its district staff, partners and participating communities of Abbottabad, Chital, Mansehra and Nowshehra to conduct this study in true spirit. The IRSP team would highly extend its gratitude and sincere thanks to all of them.
The research team highly indebted to Mr. Bahadar Nawab Khattak (Professor of CIIT), Mr. Muhammad Younas (CLTS Expert and DMP Plan International), Mr. Afsar Khan & Ikram (IRC Peshawar), Ms. Toheed Begum (Inter Cooperation) and Mr. Muhammad Akram & his team (AKBSP Chitral ) for their valuable inputs and providing necessary information regarding total sanitation, CLTS and low cost sanitation options adaptation.

We would like to express our gratitude towards all staff of IRSP who were involved in the process and supported the team to successfully fulfill this assignment.

Most importantly, IRSP would highly appreciate the support and assistance of CESSD by assigning this important task with their valuable inputs at all level.

The research team.
Saifullah Khan:    Team Leader
Majid Ali:    Team Member
Shazia Sardar:    Team Member
Zia UR Rahman:    Analyst

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