Muhammad Akram s/o Manzoor Hussain 36 years old with 06 children, five daughters and one son resident of Basti Sadique Abad a settlement of Moza Raihr Uc Uch Gul Imam is 27 Kilometers away from main Tehsil 18 Hazari. The estimated population of area is approximately 680; an average 85% of the population falls in low income category with minimal facilities available to them. There was no concept of three tier mobilization in the targeted community. The RSP’s tool three tier mobilization provide a platform to community take self-help basis initiatives those lead community development. When community organize themselves and utilizes their available resources this helps them in minimizing their poverty level. The area is basically deprived from basic needs. This community organized and formed their community based organization to help the marginalized community in resolving their basic needs and issue and further to seek and struggle from this platform that can linked and address their problems to allied departments. So the community of moza Raihr forms a village organization at 24.02.2016 where Mr. Muhammad Akram also gets a chance to become a member of the community organization. The life of Muhammad Akram passing through many difficulties and tension to fulfill family responsibilities. Financial resources were not available that could initiate income generation for his family. In village meeting his PSC analysis which is ranked in (under 12) and MIP status was thoroughly investigated by the village organization and planned small investment activities in order to achieve the best poverty-reducing results.

In next meeting held on 10.11.2016 Mr.Muhammad Akram poverty case was marked on priority for approval. PKR 13000 from community saving as internal lending was approved and established a vegetable shop in the locality but this was not a good experience and failed to generate a handsome amount from this business as kitchen gardening available in most of the community and closed the business with cash in hand PKR 3280.

Geographically the population of the area is scattered and having very least access to market for buying daily consumable items. With consultation Muhammad Akram changed his business plan and started mobile tuck shop/brokering with an opportunity of an old bicycle. He starts the business with revised plan and purchased the very basic consumable items which are needed to every household on daily basis with good opportunity of delivery at door step. On very first day Muhammad Akram earns net 280 rupees and was very excited on this success and gradually this reached up to 300 to 400 rupees.

 Now Muhammad Akram is very much satisfied from his business/services and planned next to expand this Mobile tuck shop in other neighboring villages with service delivery.

Small, transfers of internal lending enable the poor to make small investments -a hugely important step in poverty reduction. Thanks to Village Organization and all the project staff for help and support (Mr.Muhammad Akram)

Success Story: Small investment  by PACD IRSP SABAWON Project Funded by European Union in Pakistan

Success Story: Small investment by PACD IRSP SABAWON Project Funded by European Union in Pakistan