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We want water and sanitation to be available and accessible to all, affordable for all, acceptable for all, and of a good quality for all. We want water and sanitation provision to be framed by equality, with no discrimination on any grounds. We want people to be able to participate in decisions around the realization of their right, for them to have access to the information they need to voice concerns and to be able to hold service providers and governments to account.


The Keep Your Promises Campaign demands that everyone’s human right to water and is realised. The campaign is asking for governments to keep the promises they have already made on the right.

Keep Your Promises demands that all governments ensure that everyone has access to water and sanitation. But more than just access itself, the campaign demands that access is alongside other human rights standards and principles.

In September 2013,  before it adopted a human rights campaign theme, Keep Your Promises featured prominently in End Water Poverty’s work. It provided the theme for the World Walks for Water and Sanitation in March. Then, in September, End Water Poverty representatives shared the Keep Your Promises petition with key UN figures, including UN Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson, before, in November 2014, Keep Your Promises was once again the theme for our World Toilet Day campaign, Citizens’ Juries.

You can visit the Keep Your Promises website here. Keep Your Promises is also on Facebook.