End Water Poverty member, Integrated Regional Support Programme (IRSP), who are also a member of the Freshwater Action Network South Asia (FANSA), in coordination with FANSAPakistan kicked off their plans and activities for Water Action Month 2016 on the 1st January 2016. The event observed the launch of the campaign logo at the IRSP office and signed the statement of commitments.

On 4th of January 2016 in the district of Nizam, the elected District Chief inaugurated the billboard installed in the main city road to sensitise people about the Water Action Month in March 2016 and to raise awareness about the critical issues of the campaign.

“We planned to disseminate the logo of the campaign and brief the CSOs about Water Action Month on 6th January in all the provincial chapters of FANSA Pakistan,” shared Shah Kishro Nasir, Executive Director to IRSP. Media houses and education institutions will be brought as allies to join us in celebration of Water Action Month. We will work with them to design activities for mass awareness, he added.

A Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) Roundtable meeting has been planned for a wider approach and discussion on the issues, and to help create a big noise on sanitation issues in March 2016. A symbolic walk on 10th January during the CSO pre-meeting in SACOSAN VI, Dhaka was also planned, Nasir â€‹informed us, but sadly the Pakistani delegates were not able to attend SACOSAN. More activities will be held throughout the month of March to create a loud noise in Pakistan and hold government to account on its commitments!

Water Action Month is the annual campaign that has been initiated by End Water Poverty. FANSA along with End Water Poverty and all WASH organisations around the world celebrate the new global framework adopted through the Sustainable Development Goals. WASH advocates welcomed the specific WASH Goal 6 – “ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”. Governments across the world have officially adopted these Goals, thereby setting the wheels in motion for addressing inequalities and drafting a better future for all.

Now is the time to ensure that WASH is a top priority! We have to ensure that the vulnerable and most marginalised groups are not left behind. Improved water and sanitation for all will make early successes and sustainable progress possible across so many of the Global Goals, and truly end inequality. This campaign pushes governments to keep its promises and realise a better future for all.

Join us and add your voice to strengthen our call for change! 

This blog post was originally posted on the FANSA blog site and is available online.