SDC is working hard to rehabilitate sanitation situation in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. 2011 has been a great success in achieving our targets, the year (2012) is not different either.

Following are the SDC Project Updates;

  1. well/latrine rehabilitation at household level: 310
  2. village selected for drainage improvement at district charsadda: sanda sarr
  3. assessment for rehabilitation of water supply schemes completed: 7 schemes
  4. pre water testing at source and consumer end completed: 7 schemes
  5. pre water testing at household level before well cleaning: 300
  6. cleaned and chlorinated wells: 120
  7. 180 teachers trained on hygiene promotion and household water treatment in 12 trainings
  8. school sessions with children completed in 2 UCs of Charsadda and 2 UCs of Nowshera
  9. posters for SODIS and hand washing are distributed in 10 schools
  10. 10,000 bottles are distributed among 5,000 school children for purification of drinking water through SODIS