Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP) Phase-V

Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP) Phase-V
Approx. value of the contract: 9.2 million PKR


Location within Country (Districts)

Mardan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)

Name of Donor/ Funding Agency


Duration of Project (months):

04 years

Start date (month/year):

January 01, 1997

Completion date (month/year):

December 31, 2000


No. of Project Staff


13 persons


Name of senior employees of your organization involved in project implementation

  • Mr. Abid Ullah Jan (Advisor)
  • Masood Ul Hassan (NRM officer)
  • Mr. Bashir Ahmad (M&E Manager)
  • Imran Ali Chishti (Monitoring Officer)
  • Fazal Ullah (Coordinator Finance & Credit)
  • Rabia Qazi Program Coordinator Women


Project Objectives, Outcomes and list of major activities (Not more than 500 words)

Project Outcomes

VBOs carry out economically profitable, socially acceptable, & ecologically sustainable development activities on their own in a replicable manner.

Project Outputs/Results

The following are the headline amounts of the key outputs/services delivered:

  • The concept for the work of the VBOs (VOs,WOs,UBs,NGOs) is refined and adjusted to the needs of the organisations
  • Financial capacities of the VOs/WOs are established
  • VBO support institutions identified and functioning co-operation is established
  • Project experiences and concept documented and properly communicated to all concerned

List of major activities (along with targets)

  • Trainings of 3-tiers mobilization system (VOs, WOs, RDOs and RCD) on organizational management skills
  • Management of the Village Development Fund by the established organizations
  • Facilitating the established organizations to achieve and run the external projects.

Training of established organizations on project implementation and documentation


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October 23, 2017