In Pakistan, the subject of menstrual hygiene Management is out of place at all levels of society from home to government, if we do not find any specific care on family level in majority of house hold for girls during menstruation on the other hand federal sanitation policy does not address MHM in specific manner. A Training on Menstrual Hygiene Management and Low Cost Sanitary Pad Preparation was carried by IRSP to address these issues.

Lady health workers, the basic unit in Pakistan, are not given any exclusive training on MHM by government. Branded sanitary pads are too expensive to afford by common women in result majority of them use unhygienic materials.

Training on Menstrual Hygiene Management Low Cost Sanitary Pad Preparation

Keeping all this in view it has been strongly-willed to design training on menstrual hygiene management and introduce low cost sanitary pads that can be prepared and used easily without any financial hurdle by women of all ages, areas and social set ups to fulfill their needs. Objectives of the training are;

  1. To encourage low cost sanitation technologies in Pakistan,
  2. To generate acceptability in community for handmade sanitary materials,
  3. To include women from excluded community in a development process,
  4. To improve Menstrual hygiene practices in Pakistan especially in women of excluded communities and rural areas,

Training is comprised of 3 different sessions that are interlinked;

  1. Introduction of IRSP and objectives of the training,
  2. Interactive session on Menstrual Hygiene Management,
  3. Handmade Sanitary pad preparation

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