IRSP Interventions in WASH Sector in a glance


Type of Unit


Water Supply
Construction of Hand Pumps No. of Hand Pumps 1,000 +
Rehabilitation of Water Supply Schemes (Communal) No. of WSS 100 +
Wells Cleaning and Disinfection No. of Wells 8,000 +
Water Testing and Chlorination No. of sources 10000 +
Water Tankering in emergencies No. of villages/Camps 350 +
Hosuehold Water Treatment, Safe Storage and Disinfection No. of Sessions 5,000 +
Trigering of CLTS + PATS No. of villages 1,000 +
Toilets Construction in Emergencies (Camps) No. of latrines 2000 +
Toilets Construction in Schools No. of latrines 500 +
Construction of Girls Friendly Toilets in schools No. of latrines 200 +
Construction of Low Cost (Demo) Latrines No. of latrines 2000 +
Construction of Communal Latrines No. of latrines 100 +
Construction of Small Sewerage Treatment Units No. of villages 4
Construction of Wetlands No. of villages 7
Street Pavements No. of villages 200 +
Construction of Drains No. of villages 300 +
Construction of Solid Waste Dumping Points No. of villages 200 +
Construction of Sanitation Packages in Camps (Tap stand, water tank, washing pads, hand washing points) No. of Infrastructure 100 +
Removal of solid waste from dumping points No. of dumping points 500 +
Filling of ponds No. of ponds 50 +
Cleanliness campaigns with TMAs No. of campaigns 150 +
Hygiene Education
Community Hygiene Sessions No. of sessions 50,000 +
School Hygiene Sessions No. of sessions 40,000 +
Formation and Trainings of School Hygiene Clubs No. of Hygiene Clubs 1000 +
Menstrual Hygiene Sessions No. of Sessions 10,000 +
Hygiene Kits Distribution (emergencies) No. of Hygiene Kits 30,000 +
MHM Kits Distribution (Emergencies) No. of Menstrual Hygiene kits 4000 +
Distribution of Hand Washing Soaps (emergencies) No. of Soap 300,000 +
Capacity Building by IRSP in WASH Sector
Training of TMA & PHED in water quality analysis and monitoring No. of Training 100 +
Establishment of Water Testing Lab in TMA/PHED offices No. of Lab 5
Training of NGOs Staff on Water Quality Analysis and monitoring No. of Staff 2000 +
Tranings of TMA/PHED on CLTS No. of Staff 300 +
NGOs/INGOs’ Tranings on CLTS No. of Organizations 300 +
Training of Community Resource Persons on CLTS/PATS No. of CRPs 1500 +
Monitoring of CLTS/PATS projects No. of Projects 4
Establishement of Sanitary Marts No. of Marts 50 +
Training of Masons on Low Cost Sanitation No. of Masons 200 +
Traning of Vendours/Entreprenures on Low Cost Sanitation No. of Vendors 100 +
Traning of Line Departments (Health, Education, PHED) on MHM No. of Staff 800 +
Traning of Communities on Low Cost Sanitary Napkins Production No. of Persons 400 +
Tranining of Entreprenure on Low Cost Sanitary Napkins Production No. of Enterpreurs 30
Training of Adolescent School girls on Low Cost Sanitray Napkins Production No. of Girls 500 +
IEC Material Development and Dissemination No. of Copies 500,000 +